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Family Beach Pictures in Gulf Shores
The sun was out yesterday and we had the distinct opportunity of working with this cute little BIRTHDAY gal.  She was one yesterday, and let me tell you what, she had an awesome beach party.  We had a ton of fun, and even though it is February, you couldn’t tell it by the background.  While most of the country is still in winter cycle, we are currently enjoying a rather nice flip flop wearing spell.  Thank goodness too, because we had so much fun playing on the beach with our new found friend.  We are so glad her mom called us for her family beach pictures in Gulf Shores, one-year-old parties are just so much fun.  We spent the afternoon looking for sea shells and adventures along the shore.  The warmth of the sun on our faces was amazing, and all couldn’t believe it was still winter. That is what I absolutely love about living on the Gulf of Mexico.  You never know what you are gonna get, but it always seems to resemble paradise.  If you haven’t visited the Coast yet, you are truly missing out.    I would highly recommend you plan a visit and discover for yourself.  Our area is […]
The buzz on the street!
Have you seen this month’s issue of Eastern Shore Parents magazine?  Well if you haven’t you need to rush out and get your own copy.  We had the opportunity to photograph the cover this month, and our little bundle of joy is now officially famous.  If you want an autograph copy, I am positive we can make it happen.  
Baby Turtles are the Best!!!
Check out this short video we made of the newest baby turtles running to the Gulf!!! www.sun-shots.com_1080p from Sun Shots on Vimeo.
Perdido Key Sunrise Beach Portraits
In my opinion there is absolutely nothing better that a Perdido Key sunrise beach portraits session.  The hot summer heat just hasn’t set in yet, and the empty beach creates a perfect spot for fun.  I get it all the time, “there is no way my kids will smile that early”, well that is absolutely the opposite of what normally happens.  The beach at sunrise is a spot for adventure and discovery.  Sometimes that discover is that your kids are actually morning people.  We had a mom from last week at sunrise email us yesterday that the kids enjoyed the sunrise so much they have actually woke up early every day on vacation to spend a little time at the beach all by themselves, before retreating to the air conditioning during the hot mid morning sun. A huge thanks to our super smilers from this mornings sunrise session.  We really enjoyed meeting you, and can’t wait to see you again next year.  Have a safe trip, hopefully you too will see a few more sunrises before you have to go back to work next week. If your planning a last minute trip to Perdido Key or Gulf Shores, please take […]
Orange Beach Vacation
Are you in need of an Orange Beach vacation?  With the hustle and bustle of life we must take time to rejuvenate and there is no better way that a little salt water on the toes.  So what are you waiting for, pack the family into the car and start heading this direction.  You have sand castles to build and tourist things todo.  The summer is almost over and the kids are growing up way to fast, so hurry hurry hurry!!!  Not saying you shouldn’t drive carefully, but time is of the essence, haha. A special thanks to our wonderful family from last nights sunset for taking a week off and enjoying a little Alabama sunshine on the coast.  We had a great time making connections of love, and we are absolutely positive that these guys will have some memories to cherish forever.  Forever is a strong word, but with great photography, it is easy to understand what will be passed down from generation to generation.  I am positive this little princess will hold today’s shot of the day dear to her heart for the rest of her life.  That is what we shoot for, art that continues into the […]
Laguna Key Gulf Shores
Are you planning a trip to Laguna Key Gulf Shores?  If you are, please give us a call and let us explain why we should be your number one choice for professional family beach photography.  Just like our group from last night’s sunset session, we are positive we are the right mesh for your family as well.  We got to spend the afternoon down in Laguna Key in Gulf Shores, and let me tell you, it was awesome.  It is positively one of my favorite places to work.  From the beautiful dunes, to the crystal clear waters, it is quite possibly the bees knees.  The session went so well, the moon even made an appearance.  The kids we all smiles and the vibe was perfect.  Just the way we like it… When we book a family for a beach portrait session, we like to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  With a little planning and knowledge, we can help guide your through the whole experience as well.  Like the old saying goes, the devil is in the details.  We plan ahead so we don’t miss a beat, which relates to perfect portraits every singe session.  We love pre-session […]
Vacation in Perdido Key
Are you planning a vacation in Perdido Key this summer?  If you are, don’t forget to pack the kids.  Perdido Key is the perfect backdrop for an ultimate family vacation.  With the whitest sand in the country, and the best local vibe, Perdido Key is the spot!   What makes Perdido Key different, you ask? Well that is easy, it is truly family oriented.  I know you have heard that before, just about every town on the coast says they are, then you get there and you find a bunch of college kids chugging beer, or every other store is a tourist trap.  Well Perdido Key is different.  It is really a good vibe all around.  The beaches are wide open, and the condo builders haven’t overwhelmed the shoreline just yet.  I promise it is the spot for your family.    You will not be disappointed with a stay on the Key! Last night we had an opportunity to hang out with this little man on the Key, and he said his vacation was A OKAY!  He was having the time of his life, and didn’t even mind getting off his boogie board for awhile to make some perfect family […]
Sunset Beach Memories
Happy Mothers Day with sunset beach memories!!!  This morning we got to wake up early and rush to make a mother a wonderful Mothers Day present.  See last night we had the opportunity of spending our sunset session with a perfect family on vacation at the Turquoise Place in Orange Beach.  Of course we had a wonderful time, and today we have the proud feeling of helping create a happy momma smile.  I am positive she is going to be tickled pink, and of course, HAPPY Mothers Day!!!  One of the perks of the job, I guess.  Our session was fun and the boys were eager to please mom.  What a wonderful way to spend a holiday weekend. We take our job very seriously, and we love creating our art.  We treat every session as if it was our greatest masterpiece.  We want everyone to be able to proudly display the favorites from your session, and we hope your neighbors already know exactly who captured the moment.  We are positive our creativity supersedes us.  We are positive this is why we stand out above the crowd.  It would be an understatement to say we go the extra mile.  Most of […]
Fun Family Beach Photography
Well spring break 2016 is finally here, and we had the opportunity to work with an awesome family at last night’s sunset session.  Needless to say in the fashion of spring break, we had a lot of fun.  With the two older boys in a college football program, and the third well on his way, the mom thought it was best to bring a football to brighten up the spirits.  Needless to say, it worked well.  Sure the youngest didn’t like it very much when we played monkey in the middle, but all in all the boys had a great time.  No only did the boys have fun, mom got what she had been hoping for for years, an awesome family portrait on the beach.  That is why we stress the fun in Fun family beach photography.  Sure the posed stuff is great, but the candid stuff is what brings it all together. I am always stressing to parents, lets make fun a part of your session.  If your children are into football, by all means bring a football.  Whatever the interest, we can introduce it to the portraits, and it always has one strong effect.  That effect is simply, it […]
Perdido Key Vacation
Do you dream of the beach?  I have found myself lately dreaming of the beach.  Be it the cold winter air, or the absence of sand in between my toes, I miss the beach.  I know the time will be here soon enough where we will be meeting you to take your families portrait.  That idea still doesn’t make the winter any better.  I mean I want summer to come tomorrow.  I promise to welcome it with open arms.  Just as we will welcome you while on your very own Perdido Key vacation. In the mean time we will brave this cold air and venture to the beach with shoes on.  We struck out on a sunrise adventure this morning to show you a unique perspective of the beach.  The brave sea oat that withstands just about anything mother nature can throw at it.  We as humans spend countless hours and money to save and restore them, for very good reason.   Not only are they beautiful, they are the protectors of our coast line.  They keep the sand where it belongs, and create barriers to absorb the storm surge.  Like lifeguards, they are protectors of the beach.  So today we honor them […]
Family Beach Photographers in Gulf Shores
One of my favorite days of the year is the day when I get to make the recap video from the year past.  Well we finally had a little time to sit down and compile our latest one.  It just blows my mind at how awesome our clients were last year.  Not only did we have a blast, we got to meet an work with a lot of awesome families.  Please take a minute and preview our 2015 Recap Video. If you would like more information about how to be apart of next years recap video, please give us a call and let us help you bring some awesome beach memories home this summer.   You can reach us anytime at (251) 968-2119, we would love to become you family beach photographers in Gulf Shores. 2015 Recap Video from Sun Shots on Vimeo.    
Gulf Shores State Park Fishing Pier
Okay we understand the blizzard is coming, and it is about to get really cold.  Just thought we would share a little beach sunrise shot from this morning to help prepare you for the cold weather to come.  This shot is of the Gulf Shores State Park Fishing Pier.  Stay warm everyone, and don’t forget to prepare your pets for the winter storm as well.
Portraits and Family photography in Gulf Shores
Okay it is cold, there is no doubt about that.  Sure it is not as near as cold as it is where you are right now, but to a person who only likes to wear flip flops, 60 degrees is absolutely freezing.  So today I decided I had to take on this blizzard in full force, so I packed up a camera and ventured down to the beach.  I found Wilma with a new hairdoo.  I loved it so much I just had to share with you. If your family is planning a trip to the beach this summer, please give us a call.  We would love to speak with you about your very own family photography beach session.  Slots are starting to book up fast, so don’t delay call us today.  You can reach us anytime at (251) 968-2119.  We look forward to speaking with you about your Family photography in Gulf Shores.  We can’t wait to see you when the weather warms back up and unthaws our tiny little island!!!
Meet the newest member of Sun Shots in Gulf Shores Photography
Been away for a few weeks.  Really slacked on our blogging but for good reason.  We would like you to meet our son, Oliver.  He is a cool little dude and is already in love with the beach life.  Looking forward to many great years with him and Gulf Shores Photography