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Family Vacation in Perdido Key
There is no better time to do your senior portraits than when you are on your family vacation in Perdido Key.  Especially this time of year during the mild fall season.  October is a great month to visit and senior portrait due dates are coming up fast, so act now and beg your family to come on down!   With over sixteen years of professional portrait beach photography experience, we are positive we are the perfect photographer for your senior portraits.  We work as a team to make sure your session goes off without a hitch, and you end up with many many choices that you can proudly display as your beach senior portraits. A special thank you to our senior from last night’s sunset session.  We had a wonderful time meeting you and your family as well.  So so excited about how great your art turned out.  Thank you for searching us out and allowing us to share our art with you.  We understand how important these portraits are to you, and am glad we got to go above an beyond and rock your session.  Best of luck in your future endeavors and we look forward to seeing you guys […]
Family Vacation Memories
There is nothing better than making moms happy on Mother’s Day with perfect family vacation memories.  We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful mom and her precious family yesterday afternoon, and it turned out wonderful.  The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, heck everything was perfect.  I am absolutely positive this will be a Mother’s Day she will not soon forget.  We just get a sense of satisfaction when everything comes together like this.  It is a great pleasure to create art that is so meaningful, especially in such beautiful surroundings at our Gulf Shores beach.  To this mom, our art that we created yesterday will last for decades to come, and serve as a reminder of just how perfect the day was.  Children are going to grow and memories are going to fade, but with our art, the tiny details will absolutely never be forgotten. We go overboard with what we do.  We take our art extremely serious, and it shows.  It would be an honor to share our art with your family.  Ever little detail will be given attention, and together we will create your family some heirlooms that will be treasured forever.  Leave the snapshots to […]
Family Beach Pictures in Gulf Shores
The sun was out yesterday and we had the distinct opportunity of working with this cute little BIRTHDAY gal.  She was one yesterday, and let me tell you what, she had an awesome beach party.  We had a ton of fun, and even though it is February, you couldn’t tell it by the background.  While most of the country is still in winter cycle, we are currently enjoying a rather nice flip flop wearing spell.  Thank goodness too, because we had so much fun playing on the beach with our new found friend.  We are so glad her mom called us for her family beach pictures in Gulf Shores, one-year-old parties are just so much fun.  We spent the afternoon looking for sea shells and adventures along the shore.  The warmth of the sun on our faces was amazing, and all couldn’t believe it was still winter. That is what I absolutely love about living on the Gulf of Mexico.  You never know what you are gonna get, but it always seems to resemble paradise.  If you haven’t visited the Coast yet, you are truly missing out.    I would highly recommend you plan a visit and discover for yourself.  Our area is […]
The buzz on the street!
Have you seen this month’s issue of Eastern Shore Parents magazine?  Well if you haven’t you need to rush out and get your own copy.  We had the opportunity to photograph the cover this month, and our little bundle of joy is now officially famous.  If you want an autograph copy, I am positive we can make it happen.  
Perdido Key Candid Family Portraits
Are you looking for some thing a little more extraordinary when it comes to your Perdido Key candid family portraits?  Are you looking for some photography that has style and elegance, yet screams wow!?  Are you looking for portraits that go above and beyond the average Joe?  Well let me tell you one thing, and let me be perfectly clear.  We are not your average photographer, and we don’t kid around when it comes to presenting the best.  We do not take families out to the beach and just take a bunch or random snapshots.  Our work is impeccable and we mean business when it comes to capturing perfect family heirlooms. Precision guesswork is best left to the amateurs.  With over twenty five years of combined professional beach photography experience, we have the skills to make you session go off without a hitch.  We sell finished art and we strongly believe that every image is worthy of proud display in your home.  When you neighbors come over we want them to look in awe and then decide to visit our island strictly based on how great your family portraits are.  It makes our soul’s shine when we get clients whom friends visit […]
Perdido Key Family Beach Vacation
Is your family in need of a Perdido Key family beach vacation?  Are you children looking at you wondering, “Why didn’t we go to the beach this year?”  Perhaps they are running around the living room screaming right now at the top of their lungs, “Toes in the sand MOM, Toes in the sand!!!”  Well it is pretty easy to turn that tune around.  Just book a trip now…  Fall is the best time to visit the beach, and we are positive the chant, “We’re going on a trip, we’re going on a trip!”, will be music to your ears compared to the sounds that they are making right now.  So come on, the beach awaits and we promise your family will thank you for it. These two little cuties from last night’s sunset session were sure happy they got an early Fall break.  They had so much fun on the beach last night.  What fun it must be to be a toddler at the beach.  The waves, the sounds, the sand, oh I can only dream to be their age at the beach.  I am like every adult, dreams of being a child again will never come true, but hey, […]
Baby Turtles are the Best!!!
Check out this short video we made of the newest baby turtles running to the Gulf!!! www.sun-shots.com_1080p from Sun Shots on Vimeo.
Senior Portraits Perdido Key
Don’t mess with TEXAS, at least that is what they say.  I personally don’t intend on ever finding out…  Thank goodness we have known this guy since he was just a little bigger than waist high.  They have been visiting the Gulf Coast his whole life, so he knew when it came time for his senior portraits, the coast was the only place he wanted his senior portraits taken.  Of course we did the beach thing, but we also took a little time to visit a local tree tunnel so we could diversify his senior shots a little.  So what better place to show off the don’t mess with Texas theme, by looking down the barrel of a shot gun.  The shot of the day just sparks interest to me with all the different perspectives going on.  You have the barrel length, the road lines, and even the tree tunnel forcing your eye into the future. We had so much fun during this shoot, thanks so much guys for letting us be your professional family photographers over the years.  We are positive we will be seeing you guys again in the future and can’t wait to here what college pick […]
Perdido Key Sunrise Beach Portraits
In my opinion there is absolutely nothing better that a Perdido Key sunrise beach portraits session.  The hot summer heat just hasn’t set in yet, and the empty beach creates a perfect spot for fun.  I get it all the time, “there is no way my kids will smile that early”, well that is absolutely the opposite of what normally happens.  The beach at sunrise is a spot for adventure and discovery.  Sometimes that discover is that your kids are actually morning people.  We had a mom from last week at sunrise email us yesterday that the kids enjoyed the sunrise so much they have actually woke up early every day on vacation to spend a little time at the beach all by themselves, before retreating to the air conditioning during the hot mid morning sun. A huge thanks to our super smilers from this mornings sunrise session.  We really enjoyed meeting you, and can’t wait to see you again next year.  Have a safe trip, hopefully you too will see a few more sunrises before you have to go back to work next week. If your planning a last minute trip to Perdido Key or Gulf Shores, please take […]
Orange Beach Vacation
Are you in need of an Orange Beach vacation?  With the hustle and bustle of life we must take time to rejuvenate and there is no better way that a little salt water on the toes.  So what are you waiting for, pack the family into the car and start heading this direction.  You have sand castles to build and tourist things todo.  The summer is almost over and the kids are growing up way to fast, so hurry hurry hurry!!!  Not saying you shouldn’t drive carefully, but time is of the essence, haha. A special thanks to our wonderful family from last nights sunset for taking a week off and enjoying a little Alabama sunshine on the coast.  We had a great time making connections of love, and we are absolutely positive that these guys will have some memories to cherish forever.  Forever is a strong word, but with great photography, it is easy to understand what will be passed down from generation to generation.  I am positive this little princess will hold today’s shot of the day dear to her heart for the rest of her life.  That is what we shoot for, art that continues into the […]
Perdido Key Senior Beach Portraits
My grandfather once told me to discover what I was good at, then learn and practice until I was great, then it would not be a job but rather a career.  Well I soon discovered that my talent was in photography, and sure enough before too long we were great at it.  That means something to me, it means all the hard work has paid off and we are great at what we do.  Not only do we love what we do, we enjoy it.  Work is not work, life is all about fun. I try to tell this to each and every single senior we work with.  So hopefully they not only get the best Perdido Key senior beach portraits around, they get an understanding that life can be fun.  Work and be play, and goals are easily accomplished. We absolutely love working with seniors.  No session is the same, and every senior has their own path.  Helping them to understand that path is a challenge, but one we as parents must help create.  We must give them every tool possible to build a brighter future, and we must all step back at some point and let them spread […]
Family Beach Photography in Perdido Key
Family beach photography in Perdido Key is a great way to remember a family trip to the beach this summer.  From happy natural poses to candid shots, photography can capture the emotions of your happy family.  Whether it be a beautiful sunrise session or a late afternoon sunset slot, perfect beach photography happens in these two sweat hours of light.  Any other time is yields unprofessional results, and thus slots are extremely limited.  Call us today to see what we have available.  We would love to schedule a session with your family. This mornings sunrise session was absolutely beautiful.  Sure it was early, but as they say, the early bird gets the worm.  The worm in this case is a perfect sunrise backdrop, and empty beaches.  The sunrises are also way more comfortable than the sunset sessions this time of year.  This morning when we started, the temperature was a cool 74 degrees.  At the start of last night’s sunset session, the temperature was a blistering 93 degrees.  Sure they are early, but from a temperature standpoint alone, you can easily see why sunrise sessions are so wonderful. So if you are making the drive down to the Gulf Coast […]
Family Beach Vacation Memories
One of the most important parts of a family vacation is the family beach vacation memories.  Done right, photography can be an excellent way to remember a trip.  It is a fact of life that kids are gonna grow up, and memories are the only way to keep them babies young forever.  When photography is pushed to the limits, art is born and those memories can blossom into family heirlooms.  I was taught at a young age to push the limits and raise the bar, with the mentality that is your not the best, you are not working hard enough.  One thing is for certain with booking a session with us is that we will go to the end of the world to make your session special.  Making art for you is what we have vested the past fifteen years of our life towards.  We make finished art and we do it well, and we would love to share our talent with your family.  Your memories are special and we want to help you remember everything.  They say a photo is worth a thousand words, might as well make those words scream things like: breathtaking, beautiful, stunning, special… Take for […]
Professional Couples Photography
Do you have a romantic getaway planned for the beach and looking for professional couples photography?  Are you madly in love and need superior photography to capture the true moment of love between you and yours?  Do you think every second spent with your love is to be cherish?  Well we want to help you by sharing our art with your and yours.  We want to help capture the true you, and give you a token you can really hold on too.  We are a madly in love couple and we understand how you feel.  Like my sunrise client said today, “Only the best for my forever boo!”, and we agreed 100% completely.  Whether you are looking for an engagement session or a romantic treasure, we are sure our art will only improve the rewards. We are Sun Shots photography, and we are Maggie and Ryan Caver.  Together we have served the Orange Beach area for over fifteen years now by sharing our photographic art with couples just like you.  Not only do we have the perfect spot to catch a perfect sunrise, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best photography in on this little island. […]