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Gulf Shores Engagement Photography
What a great session last night on the beach while doing some Gulf Shores engagement photography!  This handsome fellow thought it would be a great idea to pop the question during his couples photography.  It was an absolute surprise and this beau pulled it off without a hitch.  He had it all planned out perfect, and he truly swept her off of her feet.  With a smile ear to ear, it was easy to see she was caught off guard.  She had absolutely no clue what was going down, but with zero hesitation,  she said yes, yes, yes!!! This is really one of the many perks of our job, it really is crazy cool getting to witness such amazing moments in our client’s lives.  Not only are were we honored that he wanted us to capture the moment, but also share our art with them.  Art that will go forth into the decades to come.  We take this job very serious and cut zero corners in making something magical happen. Professional portrait photography is way more than just going out and taking snapshots.  It truly is a dying art in today’s digital realm where art has been put on a […]
Family Vacation Memories
There is nothing better than making moms happy on Mother’s Day with perfect family vacation memories.  We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful mom and her precious family yesterday afternoon, and it turned out wonderful.  The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, heck everything was perfect.  I am absolutely positive this will be a Mother’s Day she will not soon forget.  We just get a sense of satisfaction when everything comes together like this.  It is a great pleasure to create art that is so meaningful, especially in such beautiful surroundings at our Gulf Shores beach.  To this mom, our art that we created yesterday will last for decades to come, and serve as a reminder of just how perfect the day was.  Children are going to grow and memories are going to fade, but with our art, the tiny details will absolutely never be forgotten. We go overboard with what we do.  We take our art extremely serious, and it shows.  It would be an honor to share our art with your family.  Ever little detail will be given attention, and together we will create your family some heirlooms that will be treasured forever.  Leave the snapshots to […]
Family Beach Pictures in Gulf Shores
The sun was out yesterday and we had the distinct opportunity of working with this cute little BIRTHDAY gal.  She was one yesterday, and let me tell you what, she had an awesome beach party.  We had a ton of fun, and even though it is February, you couldn’t tell it by the background.  While most of the country is still in winter cycle, we are currently enjoying a rather nice flip flop wearing spell.  Thank goodness too, because we had so much fun playing on the beach with our new found friend.  We are so glad her mom called us for her family beach pictures in Gulf Shores, one-year-old parties are just so much fun.  We spent the afternoon looking for sea shells and adventures along the shore.  The warmth of the sun on our faces was amazing, and all couldn’t believe it was still winter. That is what I absolutely love about living on the Gulf of Mexico.  You never know what you are gonna get, but it always seems to resemble paradise.  If you haven’t visited the Coast yet, you are truly missing out.    I would highly recommend you plan a visit and discover for yourself.  Our area is […]
Beach Senior Portraits
It is once again that time of year for beach senior portraits. Is your senior looking for a unique shot that encompasses everything about who they are? Are they looking for a shot that shows a distinct destination such as a sugar white sand beach, an urban city scene, or perhaps even one of our local ancient road tree tunnels? We can help! Sun Shots offers up a unique style that blends well with each individual senior. Each session is different and we prefer to let each senior’s own self-shine. We love to incorporate what they do into the session. Do they love music, surfing, soccer, etc? A great portrait is not just a picture, but a realistic impression of whom one actually embodies. We understand this and will go to great lengths to help your connect the dots. Senior portraits are very important and we take the job very seriously. We strongly urge you to book a session before you come on vacation. If we start the conversation before you come down, we can help your senior decide on what props they might want to bring with them, as well as advice on outfit choices which will help drive […]
Gulf Shores Family Beach Reunion
We started the new year off right yesterday afternoon with a Gulf Shores family beach reunion photography session.  The weather was perfect and the beach was completely empty, outside of a few snowbirds, lol.  Everyone had a grand time, and we even managed to squeeze in a little football game at the end of the session.   I think grandfather had more fun than the kids.  The whole session was fun and enjoyable for all.  We really had a great time with this group. Winter sessions like this one are why I love the Gulf Coast.  Our mild winters can be a perfect backdrop for your family reunion.  Nothing like a break from freezing temperatures back home.  While your friends are back home waist deep in the snow, you are on a winter vacation working on your tan.  This time of year, the price to rent a condo or house is also super budget friendly, and you pretty much have the whole town to yourselves.    No waiting in lines at the fried shrimp place, and most of the time the go cart guys will let you get a few extra laps in, I mean win-win, right? So what are you waiting for, […]
The buzz on the street!
Have you seen this month’s issue of Eastern Shore Parents magazine?  Well if you haven’t you need to rush out and get your own copy.  We had the opportunity to photograph the cover this month, and our little bundle of joy is now officially famous.  If you want an autograph copy, I am positive we can make it happen.  
Gulf Shores Vacation Portraits
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are super thrilled to get together and have a little family time.  Family time is the bee’s knees, and family time goes hand in hand with Gulf Shores vacation portraits.  No matter where you are this holiday season, as long as you are with family you are blessed.  When you are together, take the time to make everyone bundle up and go outside for a few family photos.  Having family portraits on the wall reminds you daily who you are apart of, and family is the one thing that sticks.  You can choose your friends, but family you just can’t get ride of, haha.  No but seriously, take a few minutes out of your turkey day festivities and demand everyone get together and make funny faces at the camera.  We promise it will make the day that much better. I know that the question is going to arrive in a few days, what are we each thankful for, and my answer is simple.  I am thankful for family.  Not just mine, but yours as well.  Please send everyone our regards, and don’t forget to mention that you want to take a family beach vacation […]
Perdido Key Candid Family Portraits
Are you looking for some thing a little more extraordinary when it comes to your Perdido Key candid family portraits?  Are you looking for some photography that has style and elegance, yet screams wow!?  Are you looking for portraits that go above and beyond the average Joe?  Well let me tell you one thing, and let me be perfectly clear.  We are not your average photographer, and we don’t kid around when it comes to presenting the best.  We do not take families out to the beach and just take a bunch or random snapshots.  Our work is impeccable and we mean business when it comes to capturing perfect family heirlooms. Precision guesswork is best left to the amateurs.  With over twenty five years of combined professional beach photography experience, we have the skills to make you session go off without a hitch.  We sell finished art and we strongly believe that every image is worthy of proud display in your home.  When you neighbors come over we want them to look in awe and then decide to visit our island strictly based on how great your family portraits are.  It makes our soul’s shine when we get clients whom friends visit […]
Gulf Shores Photos
It is finally officailly FALL, and we are hanging out having fun creating some awesome Gulf Shores photos.  Fall at the beach is one of my favorite times of the year.  With no crowds and still tropical weather, our session last night played out perfectly.  Well we did have trouble with one photo bomber, but our senior said it was okay for a few shots.  This time of year, the sun starts setting earlier and earlier, and I am personally a big fan.  The sweat light seems ever so sweater, and the cool temps make the sessions a breeze.  Last night was a perfect example of a perfect session.  Needless to say our subject rocked the session, and her yearbook shots will defiantly speak louder than her peers! If your senior is looking for senior portraits that stand above the crowd, look no further.  We would love to speak with you about your very own senior beach portrait session.  Fall is the best time of year, and we do have a few slots remaining.  We take great pride in every single senior session we take on, and promise to deliver shots that will represent exactly what your senior is looking for. […]
Perdido Key Family Beach Vacation
Is your family in need of a Perdido Key family beach vacation?  Are you children looking at you wondering, “Why didn’t we go to the beach this year?”  Perhaps they are running around the living room screaming right now at the top of their lungs, “Toes in the sand MOM, Toes in the sand!!!”  Well it is pretty easy to turn that tune around.  Just book a trip now…  Fall is the best time to visit the beach, and we are positive the chant, “We’re going on a trip, we’re going on a trip!”, will be music to your ears compared to the sounds that they are making right now.  So come on, the beach awaits and we promise your family will thank you for it. These two little cuties from last night’s sunset session were sure happy they got an early Fall break.  They had so much fun on the beach last night.  What fun it must be to be a toddler at the beach.  The waves, the sounds, the sand, oh I can only dream to be their age at the beach.  I am like every adult, dreams of being a child again will never come true, but hey, […]
Gulf Shores Sunset Portraits
One of the most memorable ways to remember your vacation is through Gulf Shores sunset portraits.  The coast offers a dream like backdrop, which is absolutely perfect for your family portrait sessions.  From breath taking sunrises, picture perfect sunsets, to sugar white sands that will make all your friends dream of their own vacation.  We are positive we can help you find a scene that is just perfect for your group.  That is the cool thing about the Gulf Coast.  It is just so dang beautiful.  This is one of the reason’s our little island gets so many visitors a year. Last night we had the opportunity to work with a beach princess for sure.  She was so cute, and really enjoyed the family time on the beach, while showing off her super model training skills.  We had so much fun photographing her family, and she really knew how to turn it on for the camera.  Oh what fun the beach must be looking though a seven month old eye.  Her little senses must be overwhelmed.  From the sea birds to the sounds of the southing waves.  Beach life for babies is where it is at for sure.  This beach […]
Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographers
So you have a fall trip booked for a quick family trip to the beach and you are now looking at Google for Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographers.  Well look no further because we are the premier professional portrait photographers in the area.  Being a husband and wife team with over twenty five years of combined beach portrait experience, we are positive we have the knowledge to obtain the art you have been dreaming of.  We are not snapshot photographers, but rather artist that craft family heirlooms.  Knowing that we make art that is going to be on display in your home for decades to come is one of the biggest perks of our job.  We take the task very seriously, and love sharing our art with families just like yours. Today’s shot of the day comes from yesterday mornings sunrise session.  The skies were magnificent, and the Gulf was a little churned up with some awesome waves in the background.  This shot is simple in nature, but complex with many levels of perspective.  Not only does it show the love of a family, but the beauty of the world we live in.  This is the type of image that would […]
Orange Beach Senior Beach Portraits
It is that time of year again, senior portraits!!!  Can I get a whoop whoop!!!  Absolutely love senior portraits.  From start to finish, absolutely love them.  From a standpoint of a senior, they are probably one of the most important photo sessions of their life.  These shots mean something, and their impression will last a lifetime.  That is a task we understand and put a strong emphasis into.  When a senior comes to us, we make sure they walk away with unique images that will rock their yearbook. We want the images to be so good, the sun actually sets the pages on fire!!! This mornings sunrise senior session was no different that any other senior session we have done.  It was absolutely the most important session of our career.  Sure we were nervous, but we are pros and we stepped up the plate and gave it a good ole college try.  Well as you can see from the shot of the day, we hit more than one out of the ball park.  Not only did our senior rock, every single one of her images rocked as well.  The only problem is we have now made the decision of which […]
Gulf Coast Photography
Normally three times a week we have a mom call and say she has been searching high and low for true professional Gulf coast photography services.  With hundreds of people claiming to be professionals, it is really hard to find actual great photography nowadays in our area.  It is true there is an over a abundance of point in shoot type “FACEBOOK” pros, but I promise there are a handful of traditional artist left.  We are one of them, and are locally considered the premier professional of the area.  I often wonder if this is because so many just don’t care to learn their craft, or the art is actually dying because the digital age makes it so easy to just push a button and hope for the best.  Well the beach is a very unforgiving photography studio, and things just can’t be left to chance.  I highly encourage you to do a little research on whom you hire for professional photography services.  Ask questions like are you a member of the Professional Photographers of America, do you use studio lights, do you have an assistant, are the pictures on your website actually yours! I know it sounds crazy, but […]