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Family Vacation in Perdido Key
There is no better time to do your senior portraits than when you are on your family vacation in Perdido Key.  Especially this time of year during the mild fall season.  October is a great month to visit and senior portrait due dates are coming up fast, so act now and beg your family to come on down!   With over sixteen years of professional portrait beach photography experience, we are positive we are the perfect photographer for your senior portraits.  We work as a team to make sure your session goes off without a hitch, and you end up with many many choices that you can proudly display as your beach senior portraits. A special thank you to our senior from last night’s sunset session.  We had a wonderful time meeting you and your family as well.  So so excited about how great your art turned out.  Thank you for searching us out and allowing us to share our art with you.  We understand how important these portraits are to you, and am glad we got to go above an beyond and rock your session.  Best of luck in your future endeavors and we look forward to seeing you guys […]
Family Vacation in Orange Beach
October is the absolute best month of the year for a family vacation in Orange Beach.  Locals wait all year for October to arrive.  It is the month we take the beach back.  With much smaller crowds and perfect beach weather, we just couldn’t keep the secret for long though.  So why don’t you book a last minute trip and find out for your self!  October is the month of the best festival on the coast too, the Shrimp Fest.  I mean what says vacation more than fried shrimp from a traveling carnival booth.  Throw in a Cajun Pistol and you can truly have a vacation in paradise. A huge special thanks to the wonderful family we got to photograph at last night’s sunset session.  Thank you for coming down to the beach during the offseason, and thank you for calling us to do your perfect family portraits on the beach.  We are so excited at how great your session went, and we hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying the world family Shrimp Fest.  Don’t forget to check out our booth on the far west end of the vendor field. For those of your out there that have never […]
Professional Photography in Gulf Shores
Did we mention we love professional photography in Gulf Shores?  Well if you haven’t heard me screaming it by now, here goes, “I LOVE MAKING ART!!!”  There is something about capturing moments in time that really appeals to me.  Though it is present, as soon as my shutter snaps it becomes history.  Being a history buff, I am thrilled to capture it in high definition I guess.  This has been a major driving force over the years that has pushed our art to the upper limits.  I understand these new age photographers make fun of the old schoolers like us, but hey, I am proud to be one.  Sure gadgets can make your life easier, but things like photography have rules.  Rules you must know and rules you must follow.  Sure gadgets can memorize the rules and take the art out of the making of the image but I have never been one to rely on a robot to make my coffee.  These rules are not easy to grasp, and most of my knowledge was passed down from my mentors. Sure it would be easier to dump all of our equipment and put a flash on our camera and be like […]
Portrait Photographer in Gulf Shores
One of the favorite parts of my job being a professional portrait photographer in Gulf Shores is repeat clients.  I get no greater joy than watching families grow and develop through my lens.  To us, our clients are like our family.  Over the years we watch these beautiful families and their children grow and mature.  We have been doing this long enough that some of our first clients now have children in college.  I just think it is humbling almost to know that a precious little baby that we once photographed is about to graduate from high school and go on to college to become a doctor.  Time does not stand still, not for me, not for you, not for anyone.  We can just sit back and enjoy the show while making as many fond memories as we can.  That is why wfamily is so important, and that is why we treat each and every client as if they were in our family.  Time might not stand still, but I can help freeze moments in time and allow those memories to flourish.  With our art, family memories can take on a new meaning altogether, mere photographs turn into the most cherished possessions in […]
Sunset Family Portraits in Perdido Key
Someday’s I “LOVE” my job, and then other days I “LOVE” my job.  Yesterday was one of those days!  Right now we have a teething baby at the house who is really having issues with waking up at 2 a.m. and wanting to watch tractor videos.  Yes tractor videos at 2 a.m., and as crazy as it may sound, we all have to get up and watch tractor videos while every normal person in the world is sound asleep.  There is just no way around it and our little man will not accept any other option unless we are all at full attention watching farmer Ted plow his field.  I know what you are thinking, these people are sleep deprived and what the heck does tractor videos and sunset family portraits have in common.  Simple really, we had older boys last night and it dawned on me, everyone goes through this stage to some extent and we will survive.  It is a necessary rite of passage so to say and it is a milestone that we will gladly accept when it is gone, but it is a step we must endure.  Once it passes we will sleep better for sure, […]
Orange Beach Family Beach Portraits
When you are on vacation at the beach, it is a great idea to look into having your Orange Beach family beach portraits made by a professional.  Not only will you take home some awesome memories and art, your family will enjoy the together time of a portrait session.  With literally hundreds of options available, it can be hard to find the right professional for your family.  Every artist is different but we are sure with the proper planning and research, you will be able to find one that fits your family to a tee. There are many factors that you need to discover to find the right professional for you, but I would highly suggest looking first at the art.  The true test of a professional beach photographer is how great does their actual sunrise/sunset shots look.  Can you see a sunrise/sunset and do the subjects look real and properly lite and balanced with the background.  Can you imagine the family in the portfolio shots being yours and would you proudly display it in your home if it was?  Do the images look like something you could capture yourself?  Do the subjects skin tones look real, or do they […]
Family Beach Portraits in Perdido Key
Are you looking for family beach portraits in Perdido Key?  Perhaps looking for something that has a wow factor?  Well, look no further because we bring the boom.  We are professional portrait artist and we believe that if you are going to take the time and spend the money on beach pictures, they need to be awesome.  Our art is colorful, unlike natural light work that has blown out backgrounds and mundane appearance in the detail.  We use professional studio lights to brighten faces, add sparkle to the eyes, and allow the natural colors to shine though!  Sure what we do is old school and we are a dying breed, but we refuse to succumb to mediocre photography that is dictated by how smart the camera is.  Technology can not do what an artist can, and we prefer to paint instead of push buttons. For the past sixteen years, we have dedicated our lives to developing our art to what it is today.  Our experience matters and we want to put it to work for your family!  A husband and wife team, both with an artistic eye and passion for making your families beach pictures come to life!  Our joy comes from […]
Professional Portrait Photography
While on vacation you should consider a professional portrait photography session.  I am not talking about snapshots, I am talking about hiring a professional to come and take the photos for you.  On the beach, having a studio strobe and a team of professionals is absolutely crucial.  It is so easy for pictures to go terribly wrong, but with the right professional, it is so easy to create something that will last for decades to come. Just like your hometown, I am sure you have searched the internet for vacation photographers and I am positive you are overwhelmed with the number of search results.  From agencies claiming to have the best-experienced photographers, to Facebook pros that have thousands of likes.  The choice is tough, but you must remember one thing.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s world, filters can make almost any picture look okay.  Save the filters from your iPhone and Instagram, a true pro shouldn’t use filters. Make sure you hire a true professional.  Ask to see galleries of families just like yours, and ask to see different lighting situations.  The true test of a pro on the beach is a sunny day.  Most […]
Kids Portraits on the Beach
Kids portraits on the beach are some of our favorite sessions.  Little guys and gals have a way of showing their personality when the camera points to them.  Some might start out shy, or others might hit the ground running, but all eventually succumb to the attention of the lens and let their little light’s shine.  It is so much fun watching little ones turn it on.  Watching them has a way of connecting us to our own childhood’s memories.  It is easy to see that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree in every shape form and fashion.  Mom’s are always like, he is just like his father, and dads are like, she gets it from her momma.  Either way they are ours, and we must own them without doubt.  Family ties us together and our photography helps our clients remember every little second into the future. We are proud to offer family photography services that capture the true you.  We are the old school photographer you have heard so much about.  We will help you remember every little detail about your family beach vacation in the future, not just a disc of images that end up […]
Sunset Family Beach Portraits
Are you in the market for sunset family beach portraits?  Are you looking for something special that will capture the true you?  Well, look no further because we are here and we want to share out art with your family!  We are Sun Shots, and we have proudly been serving the Gulf Coast for over fifteen years now.  We are at home on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Perdido Key, Alabama.  Whether it be a group of one hundred, a small family, or even just the kiddo’s, we are here to serve you.  A true mom and pop business, we have devoted our adult lives to perfecting our craft.  Please feel free to check out our reviews on Google and see for yourself what a difference a true professional can make. We are portrait photographers, and we go the extra mile.  We do not simply just show up and take a bunch of snapshots.  We come well equipped with studio lights, puppets, and everything else needed to make your portrait session go off without a hitch.  Every detail will be minded, and we promise to help you create some timeless family heirlooms that you can proudly […]
Professional Beach Portraits
Sometimes it is best to just sit back, take a deep breath and take it all in.  Our world is absolutely beautiful and the small moments in life make it all worthwhile.  Take for instance this morning’s sunrise.  It was absolutely amazing, yet it went as quick as it came.  It was just a mere few seconds and those seconds instantly turned into memories that will last a lifetime.  If you had the chance to see it, you were well rewarded yet if you slept right through it, you would be none the wiser.  That is why we showed up prepared to make the memory into a family heirloom.  A moment in time captured for all to remember for a lifetime ahead.  Sure it is now a Facebook post and will get many many likes, but it is also an image that can be made into art that will last forever.  This art is not just a push of a button but rather a summation of the years of experience and knowledge to use the right equipment and balance the natural world with our subjects.  We are professional light manipulators and our knowledge and skill will never be replaced by a trendy […]
Gulf Shores Sunset Family Photography
How cute is our model from last night’s Gulf Shores sunset family photography session?  Not only was she superstar cute, she had the best little personality.  We had so much fun working with her and her family.  Sessions like this make our job so much fun and we are so happy to share our art with such a superstar.  This was her first trip to the beach but you could tell she already wants to move down to the island.  The sugar white sands have a way of doing that and I could so understand why she was so in love with the beach.  What a wonderful place to visit as a child.  It must just be so overwhelming with all the senses heightened.  It is wonderful that she now has some awesome art to hang on the wall and remember her first trip to the beach. Art in today’s world has changed a bunch.  We understand how cool and trendy it is to have neat images on your Facebook wall, but we also think it is very important to have traditional photographic art hanging on your walls in your home.  This is an art that is slowing disappearing and […]
Family Photography in Perdido Key
Did you know that the best way to put a smile on a grandmother’s face is to give her family photography in Perdido Key.  Last night we had just that type of opportunity.  Let me tell you the grandmother was all smiles, I mean ear to ear!  It was a great afternoon and we had the opportunity of working with her and her wonderful family.  These guys were great!  The beach was pristine, and the weather was surprisingly cool for this time of year.  To say it was picture perfect would have been a shy bit of an understatement.  The session turned out great and fun was had by all. That is exactly how we like to work our sessions.  If it is not fun, something is wrong!  This task is not a simple one either.  Having your family picture made is not always what everyone in the group decides to be a perfect vacation idea.  That is where our experience comes in, and we work to make the whole experience fun and entertaining.  Whether it’s a puppet show or a poot-n contest, we are positive we have a trick up our sleeve to make it fun for everyone.  That is […]
Family Vacation Memories
There is nothing better than making moms happy on Mother’s Day with perfect family vacation memories.  We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful mom and her precious family yesterday afternoon, and it turned out wonderful.  The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, heck everything was perfect.  I am absolutely positive this will be a Mother’s Day she will not soon forget.  We just get a sense of satisfaction when everything comes together like this.  It is a great pleasure to create art that is so meaningful, especially in such beautiful surroundings at our Gulf Shores beach.  To this mom, our art that we created yesterday will last for decades to come, and serve as a reminder of just how perfect the day was.  Children are going to grow and memories are going to fade, but with our art, the tiny details will absolutely never be forgotten. We go overboard with what we do.  We take our art extremely serious, and it shows.  It would be an honor to share our art with your family.  Ever little detail will be given attention, and together we will create your family some heirlooms that will be treasured forever.  Leave the snapshots to […]